Isla de Ometepe – Hotel internship part 6

After our journey to the Isla de Ometepe was a bit exhausting and stressful, we were glad to finally have arrived and we were really looking forward to explore the island in the following few days.

At the harbor we were expected by a ‘chauffeur’, which brought us with a small tuk tuk to our accommodation. We had booked a room in Moyogalpa, one of the two cities on the island. The streets of Moyogalpa were really beautiful decorated with little flags, the atmosphere was totally cozy and the weather was also ideal.

After we moved into our room, we went straight to food search since both of us were hungry as a bear. As we crossed the streets we discovered a pizzeria. The idea of pizza was really tempting, especially since in the previous days we ate usually only rice, beans and bananas. We did not miss this opportunity and of course, there is nothing better than to end the evening with a really delicious pizza.

Bull sharks – leeches – feces

We’ve started the next morning cozy. Since we had a kitchen available, we could go to the supermarket and buy some food for cooking. And the best off all: there was a washing machine AND even a dryer, what a luxury! To our luck – because our stinky and muggy laundry wouldn’t probably last much longer. In the afternoon the sun burned down very hot and we wanted to go swimming somewhere. At this time we hadn’t yet been informed about the horror stories of the Lake of Nicaragua! On our previous trip to Costa Rica, we had already caught up with the fact that there should be sharks in the lake - but we thought it was just fun and kidding. Just before we wanted to start off, we said we could even google, what is lurking in the depths of the water.

We did so, and we were disgusted: bull sharks – giant aggressive freshwater sharks, which could lurk near the shore, so no kidding! But that wasn’t all, beside the sharks there were also leeches which could drift into ones bodies, there lay eggs and cause damage. What a disgusting imagination. And in addition to the scary animals, by the way, there are a lot of feces being directed into the lake, No thanks, we can do without this bathing pleasure. We would rather have a comfortable day in the city, went to drink coffee, souvenirs shopping etc.

Scooter tour or horseback riding?

We were really planning to go horseback riding one time and since we had not done it in Costa Rica, we wanted  to do it in Nicaragua because there are offered countless riding tours on the island. However our pleasure was kept within a limit after we saw the whole undernourished and bony horses which were placed at the disposal for the horseback riding. How should they be able to carry us, this would be cruelty to animals. And that was the reason why we decided against a horseback ride and instead of it for something much cooler: a tour with the scooter! We rented two scooters for the whole day, to explore the island on our own and it was lot of fun! The landscape and the constant view up to the two volcanoes were really impressive and also the road conditions were perfect to go wherever you want to.

But there were not only positive things visible. The poverty in Nicaragua is really worse than expected, many residents in the interior of the island live without electricity, without water, without windows and doors. Children were begging for money and for food. People go into the river to take a shower. To be honest, it was a bit hard for us to see, especially since we were not prepared that it would be that bad. Sure, we knew that Nicaragua is a poorer country than Costa Rica but such a big difference? This was opening our eyes and we realized how much we could appreciate our own life.

Our time on the Isla de Ometepe has passed quickly, and although it was really exciting and instructive, we were really looking forward to go back to Costa Rica. First we will go to the seaside again, after bathing in the lake wasn’t possible.

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