Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo - where guests become friends

Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo offers you anything you need in order to have a relaxing holiday in Costa Rica. Get refreshed in our pool or explore the beauty of the local beaches. Listen to the sound of nature and enjoy delicious food in our restaurant. Meet new interesting people and deepen one or the other friendship with a drink at our hotel bar.

Take a time out and leave all your struggles behind. Relaxation and recreation, or some real wild life adventure in the rainforest, at Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo you will find both.

Till Lindemann, singer of the German rock group Rammstein

I always come here without a warning.

Around hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo you can experience a unique nature and watch lots of exotic animals. This is a great place to relax! The Tenderloin steak with pepper and fresh garlic is my favorite dish at the hotel restaurant.

Catherine, student from San Jose

I've already spent several holidays in the hotel, mostly with some friends.

The food is excellent and I love the tropical long drinks at the bar. If you want to meet interesting people, hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo is the right place.

The Playas Buena Vista and Barrigona are ¨playas romanticas¨.

Artist Claude Laviolette

I usually bring some friends with me. I enjoy good conversations and relaxation here in this paradise.

The fresh fish is excellent, especially the garlic sauce.

On this photo, you can see Klaus Menzel together with Jacqueline Bisset and Adam Garcia. Due to the premiere of his film FASCINATION, the producer and director showed up on the red carpet in San Jose, Costa Rica. Later on, there was a party going on in our hotel.