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Sámara, 08.05.2017

In Costa Rica: liver cheese with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut

More and more popular in Costa Rica is liver cheese with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut as it is now offered in our restaurant at Playa Buena Vista, Samara. The foreigners who live here are particularly interested in sauerkraut.


Guanacaste 6.3.2017

Be Careful: Strong gusts and high waves 

 A high-pressure System coming from the north Atlantic provides strong gusts and pretty high waves at both, the west- and the east coast of Costa Rica. Particularly affected is the region of Guanacaste. A research centre of the University of Costa Rica predicted that this chaotic weather situation can be seen from Wednesday to approximately Sunday, when it is said to be reaching its peak. The institution also stated a warning to not go too far into the ocean, nor swim in it and not to go out by boat, because of waves with up to 3,5 metres. The regions, that are particularly affected in Guanacaste, are the maritime provinces from Tamarindo to Sámara.

A daily weather report for your holidays in Costa Rica is provided by Hotel ParaĂ­so del Cocodrilo.


Sámara, 26.12.2016

Ready for the upcoming season!

In the past few weeks we all put a lot of effort in preparing the hotel for the new season and make everything perfect for you. A lot of loungers are waiting for you in the freshly cleaned and renovated pool area. If you prefer relaxing between some palm trees, just lay down in one of the hammocks that are spread all over the hotel garden. For the restaurant we have some new couches and armchairs waiting for you. There was a lot of renovation going on here as well. One of our favourites are the colourful glasses that have been put in a few windows – they really do make a great atmosphere.

Just come over and see for yourselves what we have been preparing for you at the hotel ParaĂ­so del Cocodrilo!


Playa Buenavista, 23.02.2016

Dream wedding at Playa Buenavista

On Monday, 22nd February 2016, the team of hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo was happy to be host for a really special occasion. A couple, who stayed at the hotel for a few nights, chose the nearby beach Buenavista for their wedding! The ceremony took place directly in the sand, with the blue shimmering ocean in the background. Everything was held on a very small scale: There were only the bride and the groom, their five year old son and the lawyer. Staff of the hotel agreed to be translator, photographer and marriage witness. It was a very individual wedding! Without the fuss of a typical wedding party, but the more spectacular was the scenery. After refreshing themselves in the sea, the newly married and their son got back to the hotel, where a traditional Costa Rican lunch was waiting for them in our tropical garden. Of course, the champagne wasn’t missing!

We will upload some pictures soon!


Costa Rica, 10.02.2016

Wind & waves

These days we experience very strong winds in the north of Costa Rica. Especially the Northern part of the Pacific coast is affected by the extreme weather. Gusts up to 100 km/h can be dangerous for sea navigation and waves can reach up to 4 meters height. On the roads, please watch out for fallen trees and branches. Please don't make fires as this can get out of control rapidly due to the strong wind! The national parc RincĂłn de la Vieja has been closed because of the weather conditions. We hope it will open again on Friday 12th February.

Maybe you should cancel your boat tour for today and stay at the hotel, enjoy some tropical cocktails or refreshing fruit shakes!


Sámara, 01.02.2016

Successful art fair „Qué lindo“

The art fair “Qué lindo” which took place last Saturday (30th January) in Sámara for the third time was a raging success. More than fifty artists attracted between noon and 5 pm around 500 visitors into the center of Sámara. In contrast to the last editions, where the exposition took place exclusively in the Sámara Natural Centre, this year a part of the street was provided in order to give exhibitors and passers-by more space. The event was joined by an entertainment program with live-music, dancing and fire artist. The revenue will go to the foundation CREAR, which is supporting artistic and cultural projects for Sámara’s youth.


Sámara, 31.01.2016

Success for Sámara

Last Sunday, 24th January 2016, was a historical date for Sámara. That was when the community obtained their first official association for the development of the town. After a long time of waiting and collecting signatures, the assembly managed last Sunday to gain 157 instead of the necessary 100 new members. The Asociación de Desarrollo Integral Playa Sámara will take care of residents’ and business’ interests and will provide financial funds to support several projects.


Sámara, 22.01.2016

100 signatures left for Sámara!

This weekend, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th January 2016, the holiday town of Sámara which is located nearby the Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo awaits an important decision. Since 2013 the community is trying to obtain an official development association (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral Playa Sámara). Currently there is no such organization and thus, the town is lacking financial resources. During the last two years, supporters of this plan have been busy collecting signatures for the introduction of the association. Now they need only one hundred signatures more! For this weekend, the national association for municipal development (Dinadeco) has scheduled a general assembly in the parish rooms of Sámara, were the organization will be constituted.

For Sámara’s residents and business people the introduction of an association for development would be a major progress, because the public funds would help realizing new projects, like the extension of the infrastructure and more cleanliness and security in the tourism village. So, this organization would be for the visitors’ benefit, as well!  


Sámara, 14.01.2016

Art fair in Sámara

On Saturday, 30th January 2016, the art exposition Que lindo will take place for the third time in Sámara, Guanacaste. In the small surfer’s town there will be artists presenting their crafts such as painting, glass and ceramic works. The event’s initiator, Lavae Adrich, a glass artist running a studio close to Sámara, where he also gives lessons, wants local artists to have the opportunity to exhibit their art. Further, his objective is to use the event’s revenues in order to organize art workshops for local children.


Where? Natural Center Sámara, in the center, close to the beach

When? From noon to 5 pm



San José, 9. December 2015

Costa Rica volcano explosion

Monday, 7th December 2015, volcano Turrialba spewed ash in the air again. Find the most important information here.

Volcano Turrialba is located approximately 50 kilometers east from the country’s capital San José and with its 3325 meters height it is one of the country’s biggest volcanos. Its three craters regularly spew ash, gas and mud in the air and so Turrialba is one of Costa Rica’s most active volcanos.

Last Monday it started again. Around one pm local time, people reported about ash clouds near the volcano.  The Seismologic Network of Costa Rica confirmed that the explosion lasted about ten minutes. Properties and cars have been covered by ash.

Already since a few years the volcano has been active again. Only this year several explosions could have been confirmed. In March 2015, even the international airport San José had to be closed because the volcano ash soiled the landing strip.


Sámara, 03.12.2015

Summer has arrived!

The summer time has definitely begun in Sámara. Now since ten days there was no rain and the water of the rivers is going down. Yesterday we could already pass the nearby river by car. This is good news for hotel guests, as this means a shorter way to the hotel! The streets are being prepared for the high season, too.

The rainy season has been very weak this year, which can be due to the climate change but also is a consequence of the weather-phenomenon El Niño, which causes a shorter rainy season and higher temperatures.

Weather in Costa Rica, Guanacaste, Sámara

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Samara, 15.11.2015

Summer, sun and ocean in December

Slowly but surely the summer in Costa Rica shows up. The rainy season has been quite weak anyway this year, but with the coming of the dry season, the rain again reduces to a minimum. That means that the rivers are soon a lot easier to pass and many paths will shorten a lot – including the path to the hotel.

Heavenly Temperatures

The weather is gorgeous. Every day warm temperatures, clear, blue sky and a shallow wind blows through the palm trees. At the seaside or at the hotel pool you get the necessary refreshment and you can relax in peace.

Last chance for the holiday tan

Those who want to escape the cold winter in Germany and Europe should hurry up with the reservation at “Paraiso del Cocodrilo”. The high season is close to its start and the hotel is very popular. Over the Christmas and New Year celebrations, almost all rooms are already sold out. So do not think about it too long and treat yourself a stay in a natural paradise to get some heat again!



Samara, 04.11.2015

Things are heating up at the hotel!

Meanwhile, we have November and it is almost dry season and thus also the high season. Before that, the Costa Rica Hotel Team has successfully checked off a few things that were on the To-Do list.

Refreshment in the rooms

There is nothing better than falling into a cool bed freshly showered after a hot day at the beach. For the right temperatures in the rooms, seven brand new air conditioning systems were installed and act as ecological converter. Therefore, you do not have to have a bad conscience anymore, because of using them according to your mood and wasting electricity - the air conditioners in the hotel are environmentally friendly!

Fully mobilized

All Hotel cars are through the TĂśV since last week and thanks to the new mechanic, again willing to ride the wild slopes.

Like at the animal farm

The hotels own petting zoo grows and grows. Meanwhile, the chicken stock is around 40 pieces. All are well and the chicks scurry across the meadows. Furthermore, there are also eggs from ducks! It is just a matter of time before the brooding begins and little ducklings will belong to the colourful animal family.

It is green and blooming

Colourful is the right word, because that is just how the flora of the hotel is. Weekly the hotelier Rainer gets hold of new plants on the market. Whether there are colourful flowers, herb plants for tea or various salad - here in the green oasis he finds a place for everything.

Here at the hotel you can relax to the maximum and the horror news from all over the world do not have to bother you.



Samara, 29.09.2015

Lovely addition to the hotel petting zoo

The fact that a hotel can accommodate many people is clear. The fact that the terrain also provides space for many animals is nevertheless surprising for the majority of the visitors. Beyond repeatedly in dropping monkeys, birds, coatis and Co., a small petting zoo has been arising in the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo.

The two hotel dogs Jaco and Benny currently have to share their territory with chickens, ducks and a flock of sheep, which recently had offspring. Two little Sunday-lambs were born on the 27th of September. One is beautiful spotted, the other one is white and looks like it is straight out of a storybook.

Concern for the lambs

Besides all the joy, the hotel team was also worried, because unfortunately not every new-born lamb survived in the past. At first, the two looked very shaky and weak on their legs and did not drink from their mother. Seeking help, the team called a friend to portray him that there were twins born at the hotel, but the mother could not suckle them. He told something about a very expensive baby food. When the team replied, that it would think, that price of the pulp was too expensive for a lamb, he laughed aloud. He thought that a hotel visitor has born two babies and wanted to recommend infant formula. After the misunderstanding, the right milk powder for the animals was organised very quickly and the employee Evelyn was feeding the babies very caring with a bottle - a heart-warming picture.

Relief on the next day

When the first night went out well and the two lambs hopped over the meadow with their, everybody was visibly relieved. Meanwhile, they also drink from their mother and look stable and of course extremely cute. The team is very excited to see how they develop. Now the only thing, which is missing, are names for the lambs!

Young chicks

There are also joyful news for the chicken family! After the exciting breeding season, some chicks have already hatched and in the next few days, there will be even more.

Watching all of the animals living together is very beautiful and the hotel team and the guests are looking forward to each new member coming into their own, mixed hotel petting zoo!


New babies in the petting zoo
cute baby animals



Nicoya, 28.09.2015

The shuttle bus from Nicoya to San Jose - a trip full of pitfalls

Just that much in advance: For those, who want to travel from Nicoya to San Jose (and vice versa), the shuttle bus provides a fair low-cost solution. Taxis are almost priceless (about $ 180) and a "private" shuttle will cost you a few more bills.

However, numerous factors make this four-hour journey quite uncomfortable. If you want to get a ticket, you have to be at the terminal some time before departure, since there is no possibility to book these in advance. If you come too late, it may be that even the general admission tickets will ne already sold out. General admission tickets, of course, are not optimal for such a long trip and there can be life-threatening accidents. Nevertheless, it is neither very comfortable to travel sitting, since the footwell is more than limited. Toilet breaks are rare and the windows are mostly broken. Quite often, it has happened that a bus stranded on his journey, since the mechanics failed.

Here is a tip with regard to the tickets: If you have opportunity to visit the bus station one or two days earlier, you can already buy a ticket at that point of time.

In the end, everyone must decide for himself or herself whether the bus shuttle is an appropriate way to commit this trip or not. What do you prefer, comfort or cash?

More information about this topic are available at the website for relaxing travel tips in Costa Rica.



Samara, 11.09.2015

Pay attention – also at the heavenly sea!

Costa Rica is a more and more popular destination for many tourists. Because Central America and also the country itself often is a closed book for visitors, there are some important things to know before the trip. The fear of menacing animals like crocodiles or snakes is understandable. The fact that, however, also on the idyllic dream beaches care is offered, is not clear to everyone. Dangerous ocean currents are the cause for yearly more than 150 people dying in Costa Rica.

Those who want to know more about the subject and would like to know how to recognise this risk early, can visit the side for relaxed travel tips in Costa Rica.



Nicoya, 19.07.2015

Nicoya annexation

The time has come again: Next week the annual Annexation celebration Nicoya will start.

The events will start on Tuesday 21st July, with an opening firework and last until the weekend. The program is packed. There will be several dance and music groups. Including a lot of Marimba and folklore, performed by different groups from Latin America and Europe.

In addition, one of the events will take place in Samara. The festivities will close on Sunday with a concert of the national band Percance.