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Between coatis, parrots and iguanas – working in paradise

Meanwhile I’ve been here for three weeks at the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo. Here a small review of the past few days...

You can definitely claim to be landed here in paradise. Living here is stress-free and relaxed – unlike in Germany. Every morning I am awakened by the roaring of the monkeys and the chirping of the parrots. After getting up unhurried at about half past six am, I am opening the door of my apartment and I can see the first sunlight shining into my face – this shows me, that the day can only be super! With a bright smile on my face I go to the restaurant and prepare myself a coffee and a delicious bowl of muesli with fresh fruits. Then I am sitting on the terrace together with Rainer, my boss – who also loves breakfasting – and we are strengthening ourselves with a lot of vitamins for the upcoming day.


nosebear Costa Rica
Hotel animal Costa Rica

Best working place ever

After the celebrated breakfast, I’m starting to work with the computer, and this of course not in a stuffy office but rather in the middle of the terrace of the restaurant where I have a beautiful view of the hotel area. Since the season here hasn’t started yet, there are almost no guests in the hotel and so I am currently working mainly with the content management system of the website. Every day I can observe the coati, who climbs on a palm up and down, 10 meters in front of my ‘workplace’ – every day I see him, he makes a smile on my face! Just like the numerous squirrels nibbling on the coconuts, the iguanas rummaging under the roof of the restaurant, the hummingbirds drinking the nectar of the flowers or the parrots flying into the restaurant and trying to pinch the papayas. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful workplace.


Buena Vista beach
Costa Rica fitness

Fit through the day

Depending on the time of the low tide, Rainer and I make our way to the se with the two dogs Benni and Jaco. There we stroll at least one hour along the beach, sometimes we go jogging and sometimes we jump into the sea. The walk is already fixed in our day schedule and Rainer keeps me really fit, you have to say! In the afternoon, I have leisure time and usually I go swimming in the pool, reading a book or calling friends and family at home. It has never been boring so far, but how should this even happen here in paradise… Then in the evening I start working again and very fast the day is already over again and I am already looking forward to the breakfast and the coffee the next morning. :-)

Nicoya and Samara

Since there is always something in a hotel that you have to buy, every Friday we drive to the city of Nicoya and there we have to accomplish a lot of things: supermarket, hardware store, in between a coffee or a chicken of Pollolandia etc. My personal highlight is the farmers market where we always by a looooot of fresh fruits and vegetables – the offer is a dream! At least once a week we also go to Samara in the organic shop where you can also find everything your heart desires. From delicious chocolate to bread and to vinegar and oil. Lots of tasty and super healthy items out of organic production. What more do you want?

If the season here is starting, I  will not work too much at the laptop anymore, but more in the restaurant. That’s why I enjoy the quiet before the storm right now and I try to relax as much as possible, but trust me this isn’t very hard here, haha! However I am also looking forward to work in the service and I’m curious about all the different people from all over the world coming here to paradise.

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