Costa Rica, 14.07.2015

Costa Rica Hotel offers health courses

Recently the individual hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo started offering health courses and consultation on the Pacific coast. The idea here is to motivate and show that you can achieve a lot with a few simple means.

Since tablets not only have good effects and often cause other problems in the long run, many wish for a therapy without tablets.

One can take its health matter in to ones hands, and deal with for example diabetes and circulatory problems successfully. Many people already tried it, changed the diet and made regular walks. Behold the values have improved in a few weeks.

So developed the idea of giving courses of this experience. The program includes good food and exercise. In addition, also working with medicinal plants, including Moringa .

Make holiday and improve your health:

Detoxifying the body with activated carbon (drink)

Strengthening the body with organic Spinulina (drink)

Improvement in the sugar blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Three Walks included:

1. The turtle conservation project on the beach Buena Vista

2. The white sandy beach Barrrigona (here Mel Gibson has a plot)

3. Trek from Playa Guiones to Playa Pelada

Prices for courses and consultations on request.

The hotel restaurant serves delicious organic food and drinks.

Who is interested can find more information here: How to beat diabetes 2 without pills



Samara, 21.06.2015

Immediately delicious natural food and drink on offer

Away from fast food, to natural organic food is popular in Costa Rica Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo. This not only tastes good but also is also healthy.

It bought its own garden with organic farming. Grown naturally without pesticides without additionally sprayed poisons and additives.

Immediately there is organic coffee and tea (green tea Jiao Gu Lan Jiaogulan, Maringa,

Mint, lemon grass, hibiscus sabdariffa, Matricaria Chamomilla chamomile, guava

Fruits and vegetables from their own garden.

Chicken breast, 100% organic from friends in Hojancha

Fresh fish from the local anglers

Shakes: Maringa - Banana, Spirulina - Mango in buttermilk n more



Samara, 15.03.15

Airport in San Jose open again

Due the volcanic eruption of Turrialba is the airport temporarily closed, about 60 flights have been affected. The airport was closed and reopened after the runways were cleaned. No one got injured.


Samara, 15.03.2015

Tropical Storms and their effects (Example Costa Rica, Nosara)

The rebuilding to avoid floods of the Nosara river affects the flora and fauna in this area.

In November 2010, Tropical Storm Tomas affected 246 families in Nosara, including Santa Marta and Santa Teresita as the Nosara River streams flooded everyone who lived within 500 meters.

As a result, Costa Rica has developed the solution, to give the Nosara river a bypass.

Nevertheless, although the work is in line with current legislation, it is a fact, that the impact to the environment is inevitable.

Such is the case of the mangrove trees located on the banks of the river, or the birds like the kingfisher, which perch on the branches of the trees surrounding the river. Also the monkeys, which have now the possibility, to cross the river.

Another important point is the effect on the health of the river due to gravel, the material that is being applied as a filler to form the dike and the inevitably suffer from the pollution due to the machinery operating in the riverbed.

The consequences leave a bitter taste but it is also comforting to know that if another tropical storm hits one day, the lives and homes of many Nosara residents will be safe.

Usually it is relatively quiet on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Only during the hurricane season, mainly between September and October, the Pacific sometimes gets the foothills of these storms in the form of strong winds and rain. The whole usually lasts no longer than 3 days. The other time is with the sun and mild climate perfect for vacation in Costa Rica.



Samara, 04.03.2015

Samara, a new Paris

Samara is becoming more and more of a second Paris. More and more artists are coming to Samara and sharing their talents and visions. Artists support and contribute to the artistic and cultural activities, which take place every month in Samara.

There were several events in February and there are more activities scheduled in March and April.

On the 7th of March, takes place the event Puro Cuento, an international event in San Jose. There will be performances, like the renowned Colombian narrator Mauricio Grande.

Another event in March is the "Photography as an Excuse".  This is an introduction to photography as a method of exploring for youth 15-18 years old. This course will be taught by photographer Selena Avenda√Īo, who graduated from Veritas University.

On the 11th of April, the festival will also have a conference in the Embassy of Argentina in Costa Rica about the historical figure freedom fighter Jose de San Martin.

To support the culture of Costa Rica, the whole festival will be in Spanish. With this action, they want to support and motivate the foreigners to meet the original culture of Costa Rica.



Guanacaste, 26.06.2014

Blue Flag Award - The cleanest Beaches of Costa Rica

Out of three coastal provinces in Costa Rica, Guanacaste counts the highest number of beaches that have been awarded the ecological Blue Flag. Only 51 beaches in Guanacaste accomplish the strict environmental conditions which are required to obtain a blue flag. The flag is awarded by the Ministry of Environment and the National Board of Tourism (ITC).

These 51 beaches in Guanacaste are part of the 107, which were honored the flag by the ITC. The Blue Flag has become popular, since the ICT integrated the selected beaches into their extensive international marketing. For tourists, a blue flag not only is attractive because it remarks a clean beach, but also a sustainable mindset.

The awards took place in April at the Riu Palace Hotel earlier. Ironically, activists have accused this hotel for environmental disregard. "The Costa Rica Star" reported on these allegations.

The excellent beaches are located in the immediate surroundings of the hotel. Among the natural beach Playa Buena Vista, which can be reached in a few minute walk. Other beaches are easily reached by bus or car. Including the beaches of Garza, Guiones, Nosara, Pelada and Samara Sur.



San Jose, 15.05.2014

Change of government in Costa Rica

Luis Guillermo Solís The Social Democrat's voting record with the new president of Costa Rica and has taken office.

The two parties, the Partido Liberación Nacional nominally social democratic (PLN) and the Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC) have alternately placed long governments over half a century. Corruption and nepotism are known all over the world and in Costa Rica this is not unknown. Therefore, the hopes for a strong change with Luis Guillermo Solís.



Costa Rica, 08.04.2014

News from the presidential election in Costa Rica

The presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solis reached a record breaking election outcome of 1,3 million votes in the night of Sunday. Which is a 77.8 % voter’s support.

The candidate of the Citzien Action party has a fair chance to run the government. The people are looking for alternatives and are breaking with traditional politics, which is proofed by the latest results.

Solis promised to proceed against corruption once he runs the government

There are great hopes and expectations set on the new president. A lot of work, also for the opponents party, which had to accept the greatest loss in its history.

The election result was a big surprise and shows Costa Rica drift to democracy.



Guanacaste, 27.11.2013

Turtles in danger in Guanacaste

The veterinarian David Herrera, a member of the Association Widecast said he was informed by fishermen that were more than 40 dead turtles, and birds, dead drifting discovered in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Concerns about a possible poisoning, toxins or algal blooms are large.

Defendant also is dynamite fishing in Nicaragua.

The investigations by the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Incopesca) and the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) are ongoing.



Liberia, 25.10.2013

Freight train connection from La Cruz, Guanacaste to Limón planned

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) develop a plan for the freight line for export, from La Cruz, Guanacaste in the ports of Limón on the Atlantic Ocean.

The construction would begin in 2018 and is part of the National Transport Plan 2011-2035. In addition, the train can passengers carried.

The reasons are the better transport connection and traffic decongestion of road.

So far there is only the plan, and is expected to cost approximately $ 2,100 million.





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