Restaurant & Bar - Paraiso del Cocodrilo

Delicious food on our hotel veranda

The restaurant of Paraiso del Cocodrilo is located within a large exotic natural garden. Our hotel has a stylishly furnished veranda with an innovative design. Enjoy our delicious cuisine in a cozy and comfortable ambience. For your evening entertainment, there is a beautiful old wooden table- top football available. If you are a sports fan, we provide the possibility of watching your favorite games live on our veranda. Our TV has a satellite and Sky connection.

International or traditional

Every day, our local cooks prepare tasty meals. Our cuisine offers both, international as well as traditional dishes. Enjoy for example a traditional "Tico" - breakfast or try our homemade Integral bread. Or how about a delicious snack in the afternoon? We recommend our tropical fruit plate with pineapple, papaya or mango. In the evening, you may have a romantic candlelight dinner. Explore the traditional Costa Rican cuisine while listening to the sounds of nature. By the way, at our hotel, you can order your meals at any time you like. Our kitchen is open for you throughout the day.

Fresh fish and good wine

Our local fishermen supply us with exotic fresh fish every day. We offer white marlin, gilthead, red snapper, as well as shrimps and fresh lobster. Of course, you will also find meat dishes in our menu card. Besides pork and beef, we also serve chicken, one of the most popular dishes in Costa Rica. Of course you can also find various vegetables and other food, like pancakes or pasta on our menu card. 

Check out our home bar and have a cool, refreshing drink after lunch or dinner. How about a cold beer or a delicious glass of wine? Or try one of our fresh, tropical drinks, for example, Piña Colada with fresh pineapple, a Tequila Sunrise, or the famous Cuba Libre. If you prefer beer, we can offer you some original sorts of German beer, as well as choice of local beer, like Imperial. Furthermore, we recommend our Chilean wine. A cup of the genuine Costa Rican coffee is another must for every Costa Rica visitor!

Take a look at our menu card and enjoy the Costa rican nature paradise with all your senses!