Hotel Sámara Costa Rica with the weather report for April 12th:

Here in Guanacaste (Samara) the sun shines and the sky is bright blue. The maximum temperature is still 33 degrees.

Let us go to the beach and later you can relax in our refreshing pool!

The low tide comes today at 05:59 am and then again at 06:28 pm.

The tide occurs today at 12:14 am.

Today we will be able to observe the moonset at 05:33 am and the moonrise at 05:54 pm.

We can observe the next full moon on April 29th. The next new moon we will see in 3 days. 

The times given here correspond to the local time, Costa del Pacífico, in the province of Guanacaste.

Position: (10 ° 37 '38 "N 85 ° 43' 04" W)

Reference level in this case is the mean low tide.



Climate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in the tropics. Between the countries Nicaragua and Panama.

The climate is divided, due the influence of the Cordilleras, into an increasingly humid Atlantic region and an alternating wet-dry Pacific region. As a whole, the climate can be described as tropical to subtropical.

The relative humidity is, depending the region between 72 % to 89 %. The humidity on the Caribbean side is higher. For comparison, in Germany the relative humidity is approximately 73%.

The temperatures are changing barely over the year, in Costa Rica

However, you can distinguish between rainy and dry seasons. Rainy season, for example in Guanacaste, is from May to November. During these months there is an average of 1.5 hours rain  a day.  Mostly in the afternoon or at night. The most rain falls in between the months October and November. In the months of December to April it stays dry. Usually there is more rain at the Atlantic side than at the Pacific.

It’s up to you at what time you want to visit Costa Rica! Sunny and warm temperatures are offered all year around!




Today at the beach Buena Vista, Samara. What a beautiful weather! And on the way home we met this giant yellow turtle! What a day in life here in Costa Rica.