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One who set forth …

About Us – About Me – Since I was a teenager, I had the idea to emigrate and to turn my back on Germany once. However, I never made up my mind about where exactly I wanted to go, how to earn my living there and such. So I started traveling around and visiting numerous different countries throughout the world. Besides European countries like France, the Netherlands or Great Britain, I had also been on holiday in Brazil, Mexico or Venezuela. Then I finally arrived to Costa Rica…

Costa Rica – A country to fall in love with

Costa Rica really took my breath. I immediately fell in love with this little, central American country and I decided to stay. One big reason for my decision was, of course, the country´s beautiful unspoiled nature. The overwhelming diversity of its landscape and wildlife. Furthermore I appreciated the friendliness of the native people as well as their lifestyle and culture. It seemed to me, that this piece of earth could offer me anything I needed. A perfect place to settle down, I thought and started to built up the hotel.

Of course, you can´t compare the Costa Rica that I found at that time, with the one in the present. Here, in the small village of Esterones, there were only a handful of people and a small grocery store. There was no hotel to be seen anywhere. Moreover the road conditions, were, lets say, worthy of improvement. We had to travel by boat or on horseback in order to get food or material.

About Us – The hotel

Nevertheless, I really consider myself lucky. Although the tourism industry found its way into Costa Rica, the immediate area around the hotel has remained largely spared. Here, just a 10 minute walk from the Playa Buena Vista, you can still experience the original nature of Costa Rica. The hotel is located within a nature reserve, surrounded by mangroves, palms and other exotic plants.

If you visit us, you will feel like you are in a zoological garden. There are monkeys playing in the trees, squirrels running around, parrots watching you swimming in the pool and hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering day in and day out through our hotel garden. We also opened a restaurant in the center of the lodge. Here we offer local and organic dishes that are typical for Costa Rica. The food is prepared by locals from Buena Vista so it is 100% authentic.

About Us – Quality over quantity

When it comes to my hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo, I attach great importance to an individual atmosphere as well as a personal flair. At this place, you can relax and experience the uniqueness of the native nature. My team and I, we are going to do our best to make you spend an almost perfect vacation in Costa Rica. My philosophy is, according to the lifestyle of the locals: enjoy life to the fullest, or, to say it in „Tico“-words: Pura vida!

Costa Rica Internship

I have been offering internships for over 15 years. The Volunteers and interns can life at the lodge for free in exchange for some help with the hotel and restaurant. During the low season we also work a lot on our websites and the online marketing. If you are interested to become a volunteer or intern write an e-mail with CV, photo and the wished start date.

is costa rica safe? Yes, in relation to other countries in any case. Especially in the countryside. Of course, times are getting worse, worldwide.

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