Estate 2023

Estate 2023 – and Properties in Costa Rica

Estate  2023 – We are not a agency, but we have lived here for over30 years and know our stuff. Promise!

A right for everyone!

Estate – Buying a property in Costa Rica is the same for everyone. However, you should consider a few things before you fulfill your dream of your own little paradise.

Estate 2023
We will find the perfect property here in Guanacaste.

Very important, take your time!

Please no rash actions. Carefully research the ownership and registered charges, such as mortgages. AND: Every property MUST be registered in the national registration office Registro National! Otherwise it’s a no go! In addition, you should always ask for the corresponding cadastral plan (plano catastrado). He indicates the exact limits of your new property. Also you should not buy land in the Zona Publica (50 m of the beach Zone with absolute building prohibition) and in the Zone Maritima (150 m after Zona Publica).

Off to the pettifogger

The purchase contract can ONLY be signed in the presence of a licensed notary. If your Spanish is rather shitty, get a German speaking lawyer. Otherwise there will be some nasty surprises.

Guanacaste Nationalparks
How about some monkey as neighbours?

Money Money Money

Not all of us are Dagobert Duck and carry cash in a bundle of bills in our waistband. If you still have an EU account, you should transfer the money via bank transfer. But keep in mind, most banks need some time for larger transactions.

Have some money up your sleeve

Please note: In addition to the actual purchase price there will be an additional 3.6 percent costs. The attorney receives 1.25 percent, the land transfer tax is 1.5 percent and other fees 0.85 percent. These installments are governed by law! So don’t get yourself pulled over the barrel.

Estate  property playa buena vista
What can be better than life on the beach?


We are happy to help you with the search. We provide information and very good contacts to the land owners and authorities here in Costa Rica, Guanacaste. Benefit from our experiences. Just contact us.

Current offers:

Buena Vista, Sámara, Guanacaste:

  • Samara, Buena Vista Bungalow on the beach for rent. 750 euros per month.
  • 10 hectare big property, with ocean view, 10 US-$ per m².
  • 5 hectare big property, with ocean view, 11 US-$ per m².
  • 1 hectare big property, with ocean view, 15 US-$ per m².
  • 5 hectare big property, with ocean view, 11 US-$ per m² .
  • 9000 m² big property, 11 $ US per m².
  • 6000 m² big property, 20 $ US per m².
  • 1,5 hectare big property, with ocean view, 15 US-$ per m².
  • House and property in Barco Cebrado, 199.000 US-$.

Other special offers, Guanacaste:

  • Ostional, 90 hectare, 90 Cent per m²
  • Sámara, Playa Buena Vista, 10 hectare, with ocean view
  • Sámara, Playa Buena Vista, 1hectare, big platform, with ocean view
  • Sámara, Playa Buena Vista, 10 hectare, with ocean view
  • Sámara, Buena Vista, house with nice ocean view, 300.000 US-$

Property near Playa Barrigona and more properties near Sámara.

If you want to explore the area, the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo offers beautiful rooms.   more infos

Current Estate  2023
There is a real ran on properties right now because the situation is becoming more and more threatening. And people have lost trust in the governments. Costa Rica has a good new government.
Therefore some properties are already sold. Please ask.

Estate  2023
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