Internship Costa Rica 2022

Internship Costa Rica 2022

Internship Costa Rica 2022 – magic –

Internship Costa Rica 2022 my magic year. Because This year I celebrate my 10th anniversary, away from the cold and complaining Germany where still applies, who complains the loudest or complains most often about his suffering, lives the real life. No thanks, I definitely didn’t want that.

Internship Costa Rica 2022 – Welcome to Ticolandia

10 years on the road, who would have thought that in 2009?! At least I didn’t, but then it just happened, and that’s a good thing. Spain, that was my goal after high school, first get out, see and experience something different. I will learn Spanish and do an internship. Only not in the 17th state Mallorca, that was important. Andalusia, or Cordoba to be more precise, was the destination.

For someone who comes from the flat country at the Baltic Sea, this was a fierce contrast. Upon arrival I was greeted with fiery 45°C, the first cab ride was reminiscent of a getaway in an action movie and when I finally arrived at my accommodation I was welcomed in spirited Spanish, of which I understood nothing, and with two besos left and right.

Plaza de la Corredera, my favorite place in Cordoba

But then it only took a few weeks to realize that I had discovered a new world for myself. My stay for 5 months has become a life plan.
Andalusia has become my home for a good four years, here I discovered my passion for people, Spanish cuisine, music, culture and recognized my career path in the field of tourism through my trainee program in hotel management. I chose this as my field of study, but first I had to fight my way through the bureaucratic jungle in Spain, and then I had to stand my ground among 150 Spanish students at the regular university in Cordoba.

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Healthy brain – 7 recommendations for a long vital life

Healthy brain

Healthy brain – to live a long vital life – brain healthy tips that is on the goal list of almost everyone nowadays. But many people forget that it is not only about the physical shell, but especially about inner health and a well-functioning memory and brain in order to stay on the right course. So what can we do to keep our grey cells moving?

1. Healthy brain Let’s go!

A classic – movement. Not only the body but also the mind needs exercise. According to a new study by the University of Bremen, movement creates new brain parts and synapses. This does not require high-performance sport, but rather activities such as cycling, walking or taking the stairs, which we should integrate into our everyday lives, especially between the age of 30 and 50, in order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

change brain healthy lifestyle

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