Healthy brain – 7 recommendations for a long vital life

Healthy brain – to live a long vital life – brain healthy tips that is on the goal list of almost everyone nowadays. But many people forget that it is not only about the physical shell, but especially about inner health and a well-functioning memory and brain in order to stay on the right course. So what can we do to keep our grey cells moving?

1. Healthy brain Let’s go!

A classic – movement. Not only the body but also the mind needs exercise. According to a new study by the University of Bremen, movement creates new brain parts and synapses. This does not require high-performance sport, but rather activities such as cycling, walking or taking the stairs, which we should integrate into our everyday lives, especially between the age of 30 and 50, in order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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2. Sweet dreams!

During sleep, the brain transfers a lot of information from the short-term memory to the long-term memory, cell regeneration and detoxification processes take place, thus reducing inflammation. 

3. Cheers!

At birth our body consists of 90% water and on our deathbed it is just about 70%. To avoid this, a continuous and sufficient water supply is essential, especially for the brain so that it literally not dry. In addition, it is very advisable to integrate medicinal plants and herbs in your daily diet. Our top 3 natural enhancers: ginger, turmeric (often combined with black pepper to increase intensity) and parsley.

4. Healthy brain – Keep smiling!

Everyone knows the saying, laughing is healthy. But what is this saying all about? 

In fact, when laughing, the stress hormone cortisone is broken down and thus inflammation values are reduced.

5. Shared joy is fourfold joy. 

In good company we laugh four times as much as when we are alone. Interaction with other people creates new connections in our brain.

6. Try something new!

If we challenge ourselves and learn a new activity or simply exercise everyday movements with the other half of the body, our brain runs to top form. Fresh grey cells are formed in order to absorb the new information, impulses and processes. 

7. Healthy brain – Don’t stop

In the world there are boundless fantastic things that are just waiting for us.  Indeed, every time we have the opportunity to discover, try and experience something new, happiness hormones are formed and released into the body. Together with a positive attitude and self-confidence we give our mind the best possible conditions to stay fit.

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Healthy brain, key lifestyle habits that can help keep your body and brain healthy.

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supplements recommendation and brain healthy things:

Coenzyme Q10, L-Glutathione, Lycopen, L-Carnitine, Omega 3, Fatty Acid, Selenium & Zinc

Healthy brain
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