My first surf lesson – in beautiful Samara, Costa Rica

My first surf lesson

My first surf lesson- Sun, beach and surfing – that sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’ve always wanted to get into the vibe of the surfer boys/ and girls and test if it’s really much harder than it looks, Samara is the place to be! The small town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the perfect place to get into surfing.

First, some basic info:

My first Surf-lesson, Costa Rica, Samara?
Once you’ve chosen the right school, you’re ready to go – or so I thought. But it’s not quite that easy, because the tide also plays a big role. I was already looking forward to my first surf lesson at 13.00 pm, when at 12.50 pm the message from my surf school fluttered in: No waves today – sorry, can’t do it. Great.

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