Costa Rica peaceful vacation

Costa Rica peaceful vacation in a true oasis of comfort

in the Eco lodge Costa Rica Samara.

Surrounded by palm trees and flowers you will find hier a peaceful vacation in a true oasis of the jungle.

We offer you comfortable apartments, rooms, a big diversity of breakfasts.

On top of those first-class dinners, a refreshing swimming pool, a cocktail bar. Welcoming with an abundance of information is waiting for you.

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Costa Rica peaceful vacation – Open Mint and Spirit

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Costa Rica peaceful vacation: Jungle-lodge Costa-Rica Samara whit turtles beach – smell like spirit of the jungle. Out of stress – and into the hammock on the beach.

The weather today

from Costa Rica Sámara, Guanacaste


 Costa Rica peaceful vacation
Costa Rica nature vacations Samara

Current weather from Samara, Guanacaste

Summer, palm trees, sunshine, what could be better?

Refreshing Weather in Costa Rica Samara today: Nice wind today from the north, cool & fresh!

Tuesday, 2nd January 2024 Samara, Costa Rica – Barrigona Weather Station.

Sunrise in Guanacaste was today at 06:01 am. The sun will set in the evening at 5:32 pm. With blue sky, sun and a lot of wind from the  north-east, the average daily temperature is 29 degrees. No rain prognosted for today. The humidity is with 67% currently tropical. Rain is possible in the evening as well.

The first high tide is at 06:36 am and the next one at 07:07 pm. The first low tide is at 12:36 am and the next one at 12:48 pm. The average sea temperature in Guancaste is currently a pleasant 28 degrees.

The water level is dropping right now. There is 4 hour missing until the low water.
There is again super weather with temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius.

Daily Weather presented by Paraiso de Cocodrilo – Open Mind Lodge

¡Hasta la próxima!

Costa Rica peaceful vacation – in a true oasis of comfort

Rainy season – travel season?

The so-called rainy season here on Costa Rica runs from May to October. Basically we can tell you, please don’t let it deter you. Days of continuous rain are really a rarity and very often a welcome cooling down.

The humidity here with us on the Pacific side is 65 % (Caribbean side 87 %).

Whether and which weather is ideal for you really depends on your planned activities. The Naturidyll Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo is happy to help you with all your planning.

Costa Rica peaceful vacation
Open Mint and Spirit lodge – -peace-  costa rica nature vacations

best organic food shop

Only the road condition is a challenge on special days. This afternoon we have started a little shopping tour to Samara – here you will find the best organic food shop far and wide. The drive was characterized by many ups and downs. See for yourself:

But a vacation on Costa Rica that should not go according to plan and be an adventure and stay.

Relax at Playa Buena Vista, neath ecolodge Costa Rica Samara and make Costa Rica peaceful vacation

Garbage handeling at Ecohotel Samara

Garbage is an important topic, also in the area of Samara, Costa Rica.

Fortunately,  these days the municipality of Nicoya came with a big garbage truck and took care of it.

The centralized garbage dump for locals, eco hotels and the sea turtle protection camp is located near beach Buena vista.

However, only god might know where the garbage goes.

Costa Rica peaceful vacation
we hope you enjoyed your stay at the Eco Lodge Costa Rica, Sámara!

Internship at our hotel?

Always we are looking for a trainee for service and marketing. You`re interested? Just contact us, very easy and relaxed. We would be happy to hear from you!

Read more information Internship and job in tourism in loverly Costa Rica 

Samara.  Internship infos in Deutsch

Email: internship Costa Rica

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No other country in the world has as much natural wealth to offer as Costa Rica, although most species are still unknown. Estimates suggest that only 15% of the wealth has been explored by researchers.

banana republic 2023 Costa Rica peaceful vacation in a true oasis of comfort

tax paradise, eco country ? friendly people, crocodiles, lots of magical nature, already too late? here in costa rica i have sun, sea and friendly people. but: selling is not possible. i think so
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My first surf lesson- Sun, beach and surfing – that sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’ve always wanted to get into the vibe of the surfer boys/ and girls and test if it’s really much harder than it looks, Samara is the place to be! The small town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica – A small, deep sleeping, brown-black fleece ball in a heap of soft cloths and blankets – that was the picture I had of our little foundling when I was allowed to lens into his „little house“ for the first time a few days ago. It’s a cardboard box covered with a large cloth, because like most babies this one still sleeps a lot.

Healthy brain – to live a long vital life – brain healthy tips that is on the goal list of almost everyone nowadays. But many people forget that it is not only about the physical shell, but especially about inner health and a well-functioning memory and brain in order to stay on the right course. 

Costa Rica peaceful vacation in a true oasis of comfort