My first surf lesson – in beautiful Samara, Costa Rica

My first surf lesson- Sun, beach and surfing – that sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’ve always wanted to get into the vibe of the surfer boys/ and girls and test if it’s really much harder than it looks, Samara is the place to be! The small town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the perfect place to get into surfing.

First, some basic info:

My first Surf-lesson, Costa Rica, Samara?
Once you’ve chosen the right school, you’re ready to go – or so I thought. But it’s not quite that easy, because the tide also plays a big role. I was already looking forward to my first surf lesson at 13.00 pm, when at 12.50 pm the message from my surf school fluttered in: No waves today – sorry, can’t do it. Great.

(Background information: My hotel is a good hour walk from Samara. So without a car or a bike it’s not that easy to get there). Since I was already in the vicinity of Samara at 12:50 p.m., I decided to stop by the surf school anyway. After arriving there I got some basic information, so that I could start the next surf lesson faster. After that we made a new appointment.

Which Samara surf school is the best? for beginner surf lesson

Which surf school is the best? And above all, not too expensive? That’s what I asked myself when I arrived in Samara and I really wanted to learn how to surf. That’s why I checked out every single one and I can tell you: the surf lesson looks pretty much the same everywhere – 30 minutes of practice on land, 60 minutes of practice in the water.

The price is also similar – always between 50 and 70 dollars. If you want to do the surf lesson together with a friend, it will be a bit cheaper. However, the less people the better, because then the lesson is of course more intensive and therefore the learning effect is greater.

My first surf lesson
surf lessons near me Samara Costa Rica
Surfing in beautiful Samara/ Costa Rica

My first surf lesson – But now, right?

Two days later I tried my luck again. But also on this day not everything should go smoothly… The surf instructor had sent me a new location where we wanted to meet. Since the way to Samara is a bit longer and more complicated, I left a bit earlier to arrive on time. Fortunately, a nice Tico was able to give me a ride on his motorcycle and I was already 30 minutes before the agreed time at the location. So far so good.

But when three quarters of an hour passed and there was still no sign of the surf instructor, I started to doubt a bit. I tried to reach him – no answer. „The Costa Rican mentality is just a little different,“ I reassured myself. Lo and behold, five minutes later the call came. Apparently I was in the wrong location… My mistake😊.

learn to surf – first we practice getting up

So now it could really start – and this time really. The surf instructor picked me up from my wrong location and took me to the beach house. We grabbed two surfboards and headed out. We spent the first ten minutes out of the water practicing (first on dry land) how to properly get on the surfboard.

After that we went into the waves: Of course, the first attempt didn`t worked out, that would have been too nice. But the second time it worked, and I was already standing on the board for a short time! Then followed a few bumpy and mixed attempts. Sometimes I stood safely, sometimes I fell into the water before I had even started to stand up. But it was fun in any case! When I was pretty exhausted, we finished the lesson and made a new appointment directly.

If you have always wanted to try surfing, definitely do it! Samara is a great place for it. The waves are perfect for beginners and there are enough nice surf instructors with my first surf lesson, who can teach you well.

Pura Vida!

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