Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica

Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica

Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica – Buenas Dias, amigo pequeno!

Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica – A small, deep sleeping, brown-black fleece ball in a heap of soft cloths and blankets – that was the picture I had of our little foundling when I was allowed to lens into his „little house“ for the first time a few days ago. It’s a cardboard box covered with a large cloth, because like most babies this one still sleeps a lot.

Squirrel orphanage Costa Rica
our big boy

A bad start in life but, Buenas Dias, amigo pequeno

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To which country will we escape?

which country escape

To which country will we flee?

Will there be a world war? We don’t know exactly. To which country will we run away?

And if war? That would be already big shit and for many not really healthy. Since almost all the ass card drawn. And now no more Omega3 or D3 will help.

Which country will we escape – In the history books

this, which takes today only its beginning, will stand as follows:

The „development“ for the people in Germany was not so bad after the war. In the sixties, there was a mood of departure. Nevertheless, the program of the powerful in the background ran already at that time. But now everything is driven successfully in only few years before the wall! Congratulations to our corrupt politicians who hang also only at the strings.

(„Only a Pawn in Their Game“ is a song written by Bob Dylan about the assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Evers in Jackson, Mississippi, on June 12, 1963. )

Economic system will collapse world-wide.
But other countries, like the USA have managed it even better. Even China’s economy blatantly goes down the drain. Total control, real estate market is crashed, banks pay no more money… The economic system will collapse worldwide. Meanwhile interest rates at 0 and merrily print money whereby the price rise.

Forget Soros, Gates, Schwab
and all the other comedians. They won’t get their stupid agenda right. But don’t lose sight of them. The world is already not controlled by man, but by a machine. A financial analysis machine, called Aladdin by BlackRock. All the big financial companies are dependent on it, because it tells them where to go.

big blackout comes

And then when the big blackout comes, and it will come, we will smile. We’re going to light a fire, get out our guitars and take a little Marie Juana.
Because we have enough drinking water, fruits and vegetables and such unimportant things like money and internet we don’t need anymore.

But first freeze a little bit,

and use thinner and thinner shitty house paper.

Well, first a little freeze in the coming winter or what? But to which country will we flee? Maybe just pack our bags and head for the sea. The hammock is already waiting on the beach at palm 7.

Get inspired
from other interesting people and make friends with them. And be open to new arguments.

 which country escape
sleeping sheep all over

Let’s focus on lions
Forget the sleeping sheep, they are uninteresting and boring. But you can already see that some are waking up from their hibernation. Don’t scold them, we used to be one of them. Give them a smile.

facts about costa rica

Let’s concentrate on lions that inspire us and on the animals that inspire us. Let’s look forward to new ideas and experiences.

Be cautious, not afraid: facts about costa rica

The Dino Dinosaur Adventure Trail starts right around the corner.

costa rica president is the first good one, i think.

news and propaganda     

its Crazy enove 

which country will we escape – or are you looking for poet internship?

which country escape
poetry by Jana